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With Argan oil, it can be either relaxing or energetic : a first approach to Moroccan wellness.

Price : 40 Euros

YOGA THERAPY (45-60mn) - Stef

Through a private session, Stef creates a tailored practice according to your mental, physical and emotional makeup. She uses various tools including postures, breathing and relaxation technics such as visualisations, Reiki, Chinese Medicine, Sound Healing. You will start off with an initial intake. She will then design your practice and schedule (if possible) regular check-ins to ensure that the practice continues to meet your needs.

Price : 1 session 50€ - 3 sessions 120€


It’s a part of Tibetan Culture and of Nadra Yoga. It’s a vibration therapy to heal. Life has started with the sound OM. Everything has its own frequency. Sound healing lifts up vibrations to be more conscious.

- Lower back pain, shoulder pain, stiff neck, stiff hips (30mn) : 30€

- Vedic or Tibetan Therapy (60-75mn) : 60€. This therapy is universal and works for everything and everyone and for all chakras


It is an ancient massage practice with strong roots in traditional Indian culture. Massage has always played an integral role in Indian life. In Indian culture, massage, when used in conjunction with herbs, spices, and aromatic, oils, has been known to encourage the body’s natural healing abilities. Ayurvedic head massages focus on releasing energy blockades in the body and decreasing symptoms of a range of ailments. It increases circulation to the head and promotes drainage of accumulated toxins.

Price : 25€


Abhyanga - the Ayurvedic oil massage - is an integral part of the daily routine recommended by this healing system for overall health and well-being.

Traditional Ayurvedic texts wax eloquent on the benefits. Here’s what one says : « Give yourself a full-body oil massage on a daily basis. It is nourishing, it pacifies the doshas, it relieves fatigue, it provides stamina, pleasure and perfect sleep. It also enhances the complexion and the luster of the skin, it promotes longevity and it nourishes all parts of the body. » This full body massage follows a specific process, starting from the body and finishing with the head. This treatment will bring you a complete well-being and a deep beautiful and gentle energy.

Price : 50€

REIKI (45-60mn) Kerri

Reiki is a Japenese energy healing technique where the practitioner uses his/her hands with light touch or no touch-hovering the hand above the area where energy is being directed. Receiving Reiki often results in deep relaxation and can allow the body to find its natural balance.

Price : 65€

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